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Abu Garcia Black Max Spin Reels (Medium Sizes) 40 Or 60 Size

Your ideal choice for beach, rock or boat fishing

Here’s a reel that don’t require a huge amount of thought. If you’re on a tight budget but want a medium size reel for your boat, or to hit the rocks and surf, just put a Abu Garcia Black Max Spin reel in your shopping basket right now. Strength, durability with solid, reliable performance at an entry level price. Brilliant.

The Black Max 60 or 40 size looks great in black, with sport style red highlights. But aesthetics is only a small part of a much bigger picture. The Abu Garcia Black Max Spin Reels Medium Sizes 40 and 60 have several features taken from the Revo, it’s more advanced, more expensive cousin.

The Everlast bail system is all about durability. Auto Bail arm failure is a common and traditional feature in many spin reals. The Everlast bail arm ensures bail arm engagement the moment you crank, every time.

The Slow Oscillation and Rocket line management system teams up with the Rocket Spool Lip Design to offer casting credentials well above is entry level category. These are the sorts of features you want when casting long and heavy from the ocean rocks or a windy beach. Coupled with superb strength, the Black Max Spinning reel is a formidable reel for the novice, intermediate and casual angler.

Point the Black Max 60 at larger Mulloway from the surf gutters and break walls or target big Tailor and or groper from the rocks. On the boat, the 60 will see you well armed for smaller pelagic species and reef feeders like big Snapper out on the near shore waters. If you want to head up the top end rivers, the 40 will give decent Barra plenty of stick but will also work brilliantly as an inshore all-rounder, capable of record flathead or Big Murray cod from the fresh.

The Black Max medium size range are superb Budget spin reels that gets you out tackling big fish for mere pocket change.

Model Bearings Weight (g) Drag (kg) Gear Ratio Approx line Capacity (mono)
BLACKMAX SP40 Size 3+1 275 7 5.1:1 185 yards/8kg
BLACKMAX SP60 Size 3+1 380 9 4.8:1 190 yards/10kg

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