ATC Valour SW Spin Reel

ATC Valour SW Spin Reel

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Valour SW

The new ATC Valour SW series of reels feature a High-Density Woven Carbon Drag System that allows for a powerful but smooth drag. To handle the high drag pressure, the Valour SW body, rotor and spool are made from aluminum which is renowned to be light but tough enough to withstand prolonged saltwater use. Internally, an oscillating gear system works in tandem with a main gear made of zinc alloy and a pinion gear made of brass. The screw on handle with an ergonomic EVA knob fits perfectly with the patented Instant Multi Point Anti-Reverse System that limits backward handle movement for better hooksets while reducing shock to the reel. The 9+1 Stainless Steel corrosion resistant ball bearings add an all-round smooth feel to this tough reel.

Model Gear Ratio Line Capacity Bearings Max Drag Weight
014VLSW2000 5:2:1 PE 1.5/240m, PE 2/200m, PE2.5/160m 9 + 1BB 8 kg 280 g
014VLSW3000 5:2:1 PE 2/240m, PE 2.5/200m, PE 3/180m 9 + 1BB 8 kg 310 g
014VLSW4000 5:2:1 PE 2.5/290m, PE 3/260m, PE 3.5/230m 9 + 1BB 11 kg 340 g
014VLSW5000 5:2:1 PE 3/290m, PE 3.5/250m, PE 4/230m 9 + 1BB 11 kg 340 g