Celta Spinner Bait Lure

Size: 2
Colour: ANV
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The Celta Spinner Bait Size 2 contains two medium spinnerbaits, which come in a variety of different colours and patterns.Built with a stainless steel shaft and plate, and brass body this product ensures durability, and will withstand snags and aggressive strikes from larger fish.The Celta is designed to target freshwater species such as trout, redfin and yellowbelly. You won't have to worry about line twisting and knotting when fishing with the Celta Spinner bait, due to its anti-line twist design. The aerodynamic shape of the spinner allows you to cast with accuracy and distance letting you hit those fish-filled spots with precision. You will love your new spinner, as it's light, easy to control and will catch you a big fish whether you’re out at the local lake, or away



  • 2 lures per pack
  • Body & blade spins & flashes
  • Designed to reduce line twist
  • Made from finest quality materials

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