Chasebaits Mud Bug Col 06 Native

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Using the latest and very best technologies, the most life-like CRAW has been created. Apart from its incredibly detailed body, the MUDBUG is made of tough TPE material, and features a customised ultra sharp hook with wire weed guard, and a weighted egg sack. The MUDBUG can be fished in a number of ways;  let it sit on the bottom in the defensive position, dead stick, or slow crawl on your favourite structure. The MUDBUG is an ultra realistic presentation too irresistible to refuse!  Available in 75mm and 95mm, in 6 colors.

Size _ 70 mm (2.75")  |  Weight _  14g (0.49oz)

Size _ 90 mm (3.75")  |  Weight _ 31g (1.09oz)

Hook _ Custom Jig Head with wire weed guard

Action _ Sinking/Jigging

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