Daiwa J Braid X8 Grand 30lb 135m

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Introducing J-Braid Grand, bought to you by Daiwa! Ideally suited for spin and baitcaster reels, the J-Braid Grand by Daiwa uses a brand new Izanas material which is exclusive to Daiwa. The new Izanas material combined with the new weaving technology makes J-Braid Grand the most abrasion resistant braid ever developed my Daiwa. Available in both Island Blue and Multi colour which is metered in 10,5 and 1 meter increments making it ideal for offshore applications like jigging and popping. The new braiding technology produces a rounder & more consistent cross section which makes this braid wrap neatly and evenly onto the reel spool, you can forget about wind knots and cast with ease. Made in Japan, the J-Braid Grand features a thin diameter with ultimate abrasion resistance, strength and durability! The J-Braid Grand is available in a variety of lengths and weight ratings, so look no further than the new J-Braid Grand by Daiwa for your next angling adventure!

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