Dog & Gun Whole Bean Coffee 225g

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Red Stag is our signature medium roast. Like your trusty .308 - it's proven, reliable and versatile. This is a super smooth, medium bodied coffee with a strong but well balanced flavour profile.

We recommend brewing as a black filter coffee or espresso to really taste the flavour of the coffee. Goes well with milk too which rounds it out for that extra silky mouthfeel.

Origins: Papua New Guinea, single estate

Roast: Medium

Tasting notes: Chocolate, brown sugar, subtle hint of citrus and spice


Sambar is our heavy-hitting dark roast. This is the .50cal of the coffee world. Full-bodied with a bold flavour, it's perfect for those who like a little more oomph in their coffee. We prefer this one as a milk based espresso to round out some of the bitterness. If you're a true savage, brewing this one with the Zero Press will give you a caffeinated throat punch that'll put hair on your chest and have you swinging from the trees.

Origins: Papua New Guinea, co-operative

Roast: Dark


Full Send is a rich and super smooth brew with bold notes of chocolates and nuts balanced with some caramel sweetness. It's punchier than our Red Stag roast but without the bitterness of our Sambar roast.

As an espresso with milk you'll notice the chocolate cutting through really well. As a long black, it's got a good kick but takes on more of a nutty profile. 

Origins: Nicaragua, Brazil, Ethiopia 

Roast: Medium

Tasting notes: Chocolate fudge, caramel and hazelnut

Acidity: Medium

Bitterness: Low

Chamois is an exciting blend of premium beans from the best coffee growing regions across the world. With distinctly smooth, caramel and juicy citrus notes, you can expect a syrupy mouthfeel with a lingering chocolatey aftertaste. There’s just a slight citric hit at the end which really balances the coffee out well. We like this one as a milk-based espresso and as a black filter.

Origins: Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia

Roast: Medium

Tasting notes: Caramel, milk chocolate and slight hint of citrus

Acidity: Medium

Bitterness: Low

Tasting notes: Dark cacao, molasses, raisin and toasted walnut

Acidity: Low

Bitterness: High

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