Javelin Universal Gunsmith Adapter

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The 'Universal Gunsmith Adapter' provides the answer for those shooters demanding our most discreet and lightweight option.

Designed to take the 'Spartan 300' & 'Javelin' bipods and 'Sentinel' & 'Kapita' tripod.
The 'Universal Gunsmith Adapter' can be bonded into wooden & synthetic rifle stocks by any gunsmith or competent individual, and offers a very lightweight fitting for serious mountain hunters.

-Intended to fit the 'Spartan 300', 'Javelin' and 'Sentinel' & 'Kapita' tripod systems
-Lightest weight option (9g/0.3ozs) for all those serious mountain hunters
-CNC machined from 7075-T7351 aluminium billet
-Hard anodised black finish
-Designed to enable the '300 Bipod' to be folded & locked under the rifle stock
-Provides a permanent & discreet bipod / tripod fitting option fitting option
-The 'Javelin' bipod can be fitted & used a fixed 'Target' mode as well as as the traversable 'Hunting' mode

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