Northern Broadheads 100gr Little Evil

Sale price$45.99


At Northern Broadheads they design premium broadheads; specifically designed for bow hunting in all scenarios!

The Little Evil broadheads are the end result of Northern Broadhead's diligent and painstaking design process. Being a Northern broadhead means that they are manufactured with the top of the line considerations that any premium broadhead will have, designed with durability in mind - these things are Aussie Tough!

Made for maximum killing power the head of the Little Evil's have rear cutting blades to maximise wound channels and a reinforced tip to help flesh and bone penetration. The all weather 6061 grade ferule coating with a double bevel design make this broadhead a deadly tool in your hunting toolbox. 

- Professionally pre-sharpened

- Solid steel - Fixed Blade - reinfiorced tip

- Reinforced tip to improve penetration through flesh and bone

- 406 stainlsess steel

- 6061 grade aluminum ferrule 

- Screw in thread

- 4 pack


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