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Plano Bright Series Tackle Box

The hot new bright series from Plano is the key for angler's wanting to stay organized while standing out for the right reasons. Bright is the new Black!

Plano’s new trio of Bright Tackle Boxes feature a sturdy fold-down handle that simplifies transport and storage, a brass-bailed latch to tightly secure the lid, and colors that will stay bright for years.

Whether you’re a novice angler or an expert, time spent digging for tackle is time wasted. Organized anglers almost always catch more fish than disorganized anglers. These traditional tackle box options feature a classic design in hot, new colors – and storage that’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


One-Tray Tackle Box

The smallest gear hauler in Plano’s new Bright Tackle Box series features one cantilever tray with 7-13 compartments. This is ideal for the novice angler who is looking to store and keep organized an assortment of floats, hooks, sinkers, and a few artificial lures. Bulk storage in the bottom can handle items such as plastic worms, sunscreen and needle-nose pliers. This box measures 14 inches long, 8.25 inches wide, 7.13 inches high.

Plano's classic tray tackle box is a staple for every angler. You'll know it's a Plano when you hear the sturdy snap of the brass-bailed latch. This streamlined one-tray tackle box features one cantilever tray with adjustable compartments. Since there's only one tray, that leaves plenty of room for bulk storage down below.


Product Features:

- One cantilever tray with 7-13 adjustable compartments

- Two top-access storage areas

- Brass-bailed latch

- Made in the USA

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