Ridgeline Mallee Boots

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Size: US 10
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The Mallee boot is a lightweight, waterproof and super durable boot with a tough canvas fabric outer and front rand protection. This boot is ideal for use in grasslands, hills and especially the bush, where the athletic fit and durable materials make it a force to be reckoned with.

The Mallee is also a solid option for everyday use, having all the necessary features to keep you covered in a range of different terrains. These features include:

• Waterproof
• High top for extra protection
• Durable 900x900 denier canvas nylon
• Athletic fit
• Open-cell polyurethane footbed
• Warm and durable
• Vibram outsoles

Note: our sizes are US sizes, check out the size chart if you're not sure which size you need. 

PRO-TIP: Wearing gaiters over your boots will prevent them from getting wet in long grass, this makes sure water doesn't enter the top of the boot and leak inside the insulation.

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