Spartan Precision Sauer 404 Adapter

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The Spartan - Sauer 404 Adapter  has been designed to offer a direct fitting to the fore-stock of the Sauer rifle, so that a a variety of Spartan products can be used.

The adapter makes use of the existing sling attachment point without any additional modifications required.

The adapter is specifically designed to enable the Sauer 404 rifle to be used with the following Spartan products:
Spartan ‘Javelin’ & ‘300’ bipods
Spartan ‘Sentinel’ rifle & Optics support system
Spartan ‘Davros’ tripod converter head

-Use the established & reliable 12mm ‘Spartan Magnetic Attachment System’ (*)
-Weighs ( 32g / 1.1 ozs )
-CNC machined from 7075-T7351 aluminium billet
-Hard anodised black finish
-Designed to enable the '300 Bipod' to be folded forward under the rifle
-Easily fitted to Sauer 404 rifle stock with a 2.5mm hex key.
-Accepts the attachment of standard rifle sling swivels
-The 'Javelin' bipod can be fitted & used a fixed 'Target' mode as well as as the traversable 'Hunting' mode
(*) Patent pending

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