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The NoBark™ SBC-6 Bark Control Collar is the easiest to use bark stopper ever invented. Just turn the collar on and put it on your dog. The stimulation level will increase as your dog barks continuously and reset itself after 30 seconds of silence. This Bark Control Collar includes 6 levels of static stimulation, with no programming required.

  • Automatically stops barking
  • No programming required
  • Automatic safety shut-off: stops if more than 15 barks within 30 seconds

The NoBark™ SBC-6 effectively and humanely stops barking when it is worn. When the vibration of your dog's bark triggers the Vibration Sensor Probe, a static stimulation is administered through the Contact Points. The NoBark™ SBC-6 starts with the lowest level of stimulation and then increases through 6 levels each time your dog barks within 30 seconds of the previous bark. If your dog does not bark again within 30 seconds, the NoBark™ SBC-6 will reset itself to the lowest level of stimulation. Along with each stimulation, there will be an audible beep. As an added safety feature, the NoBark™ SBC-6 will automatically shut off for 3 minutes if your dog barks 15 times or more within a 50-second period.

STIMULATION RANGES 6 levels of static stimulation adjust automatically
DOG SIZE For dogs 3.6 kg or larger with neck sizes 12.7 cm - 55.88 cm
BATTERIES Replaceable Lithium batteries 
Lasts 3-6 months
  • NoBark™ SBC-6 Collar
  • Black Collar Strap
  • Test Light Tool
  • Battery
  • Operating Guide
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS Receiver without strap - 5.7 cm L X 2.8 cm W X 3.8 cm D

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