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The Australian designed and made Sting lures, are produced in the southern state of Tasmanian.

The lure's boast a wide side to side action typical of most productive trout lures. Weighing in at 18 grams, the lure has the ability when trolled to dive to depths of 2m plus, getting down to where the fish are feeding. The weight of this lure also makes it easy to cast long distances, allowing the angler to cover more water more efficiently when cast and retrieved.

The lure when purchased comes with a single hook to the rig the lure up with, as well as a soft orange bead to use as a divider between the eye of the hook and the lure. The Sting's are trolled ideally at a speed between 2-4kph, to give the lure the best diving depth and action.

With all these features the Sting's are a great option if you're looking for lure to target trout in any of our lake's or impoundment's.



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