Stoney Creek Tuatara Alpine Landsborough Pants

Stoney Creek Tuatara Alpine Landsborough Pants

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Wearing a pair of Landsborough Trousers, you'll gain a unique advantage thanks to their Air Permeable membrane inside the Frostline Fabric. This technical 3-layer fabric adapts and regulates your body temperature to the constant stopping and starting involved during the active hunt. So whether you're pushing up hills or glassing for extended periods, the Landsborough Trousers will keep you comfortable and performing at your peak.

• Zip front fly with built-in waist belt
• Built-in wide belt loops to accommodate wider waist belts
• In-seam gusset for increased comfort and unrestricted movement
• Ultra-tough 400D Nylon Oxford scuff pads on inner ankles
• Durable YKK zipper hands pockets for secure gear storage
• Dual layer seat and knees for added durability
• Side venting zips to regulate heat during high activity
• Articulated knees for unrestricted movement

Frostline Fabric

Outer Layer
- 75D Polyester outer face
- DWR coated to actively repel water, blood and dirt
- 4-Way Stretch

Air Permeable Membrane
- Highly Breathable
- 80% windproof
- Weather resistant

- Grid fleece inner lining promotes efficient internal heat distribution and maximum breathability

Highly Breathable
Weather Resistant
Warm Insulation

To maintain top performance of your Stoney Creek garment we recommend a regular warm washing at 40 degrees (inside out) with a non-powdered laundry detergent (Sports Wash recommended) and occasional warm tumble dry, right side out. A warm wash assists in killing bacteria and the warm drying for 20 minutes revives the fabric and rejuvenates the DWR and the Teflon coating ensuring going performance. NB: Powdered detergents have UV brightness visible to animals. We recommend reapplying DWR every two years. It is not recommended to store your garment damp, wet and scrunched.

All camouflage is designed to make you hard to see. But that’s just the table stakes in the world of hunting. The elite hunter is searching for far more. More than just an edge, more than getting close. It’s the ability to have total control over a situation. So you can challenge every aspect of a hunt, take time, reflect, respect and choose. Tuatara® Camo puts you in a zone like no other and takes you closer to your prey than ever before. Closer than you ever dared. Become one with the land. Take your time and choose your next move. Raise the bar, challenge old traditions, embrace your primal instincts and rewrite every definition of the word ‘stealth’.

Tuatara® Camo. Hunting as nature intended 

Tuatara® Camo takes hunting to the next level. We’ve redefined what it means to hunt undetected with four key technical design elements that will confuse the animal eye and enable you to become one with your hunting domain.