Barnett Vortex Junior Lite Compound Bow 18lb To 29lb

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Just like their clothes, kids can grow out of archery equipment quickly.

Not with Barnett’s Vortex Series! Parents (and their wallets) love Vortex bows for their adaptability.

The Vortex Lite is a compound bow for preteens or teenagers; designed to grow right along with young archers as their skills and statures advance.

The draw length and draw weight both adjust with included modules and instructions, and the bow itself is outfitted with all the features they need: oversized dual cams, three-pin fiberoptic sight, three fiberglass arrows, two-piece attached quiver and more.

Plus, they’ll feel cool with a bow decked out in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country just like mom and dad.

* Speed test using 380-grain arrow.


  • Three 28” Fiberglass Arrows
  • Attached Quiver


  • Modular adjustments based on archer’s stature and strength
  • Draw length adjusts in 1" increments
  • Draw weight adjusts 18-29 lbs.
  • Constructed to ATA/AMO Standards
  • Right-handed bow
  • Let-off 60-70%
  • All-new look with Mossy Oak Break-Up Country wrap
  • 3-pin “Bright-Glo” fiberoptic sight with pins visible in lowlight
  • Oversized dual cam system
  • Synthetic string and cable system
  • Package serves as carrying case
  • Adjustable arrow rest


Age Range Teen+
Axle to Axle (in) 27.5
Draw Length (in) 22-25
Draw Weight (lbs) 18-29

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