Size: 30gr
Colour: AYU
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Westin's Bony the Bream lure is a soft vibe that comes pre-rigged with two treble hooks, dual tow points and internal hardware construction. It's super strong Thermoplastic Rubber material is enhanced with UV or internal glow to visually attract fish.

Bony the Bream has the weight to get to those deep dwelling predators that love a 4 inch fishy snack.

Great to cast and and has various retrieve methods including slow rolling, bottom hopping or vertical jigging.

Bony can be attached at two different tow points; the front one provides a fast vibration and tight action while the back one produces a bigger wobble and vibration best suited to slower speeds.

Westin's Bony the Bream features life-like action, Lead free construction, 3X strong saltwater hooks, realistic eyes and deep body profile for an overall realistic look and feel.

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