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The 50mm Floating Tango Shad has been a raging success on a host of estuary and freshwater species. From flathead to bream, trout to redfin, this floating lure has been, and continues to be, responsible for some amazing captures.

The 50mm Tango shad comes equipped with size #10 trebles, with the ability to dive to 1.6m, weighing in at 4.0g.

But the team at Zerek Australia wanted more from this lure and in a total colour redesign, 19 colours have been added to this amazing lure to give anglers options like never before!

Attractor colours for dirty water, natural colours for clear water and UV colours to take advantage of the latest theories on fish's vision see these lures cover every conceivable situation in terms of water conditions.

In areas where there is high fishing pressure and the predatory fishes are immune to exaggerated wobblers, this little floating shad has a big role to play. The Tango Shad is capable of diving quickly and exhibits a tight wiggling action. With excellent buoyancy, this lure is very responsive in the water and on the other hand, relatively snag resistant. Incorporating pauses while the lure is worked at the bottom column of the water allows the bait to rise quickly, emulating the actions of a struggling baitfish thereby attracting the attention of any nearby predators.

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