Daiwa Bait Junkie Jig Head 2X Strong 1oz

Size: 8/0
Sale price$10.99


A project two and a half years in the making, Bait Junkie Jig Heads are finally here. Designed in collaboration between Daiwa Australia’s product development team, long-time Daiwa angler Kris Hickson and with input from Australian lure making stalwart Dan Stead. Bait Junkie Jig Heads offer a unique feature set which elevates performance for an often overlooked category.

It all starts with the hook, and Bait Junkie Jig Heads are built around quality BKK hooks in combination with Daiwa’s SaqSas hook coating, a super-slippery Teflon like coating which increases penetrating power of the hook point providing a superior hook up ratio. Available in both a 2X strong BKK heavy wire and 0X BKK light wire hook, Bait Junkie Jig Heads come in almost 100 different shapes and sizes to perfectly cater to your chosen lure and depth of water.

The totally unique bait keeper is the first thing to stand out. A design which evolved over the best part of 18 months and over 25 different prototypes. The goal? To create a jig head bait keeper that performed exceptionally well with Daiwa’s stretchy ELASTOMAX material from their Bait Junkie soft plastics, eliminating the annoying occurrence of your plastic being pulled down over the keeper and balling up into a twisted mess.

The head design of the Bait Junkie Jig Head is a mostly cylinder-shaped concept with a flat back for optimal clean rigging and a flattened ‘chin’ which when used in combination with Daiwa’s buoyant ELASTOMAX material offers a ‘tail up’ posture when your bait comes to rest on the bottom, even in very hard bottom situations where a bullet shape head cannot.

The features don’t end there either, even the package has been carefully designed to offer both convenience and a long term storage solution. Bait Junkie Jig Heads come in a resealable zip lock bag which is great to keep brand-new jig heads free from wet tackle boxes where rust can ruin hooks before they’ve even been used. The sticker which indicates weight and size is also easily removable and can be re-attached to a tackle box or storage tray for easy identification when you’re carrying a box full of jig heads in your boat or bag.

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