Bar Mat - CCI-Eley Rimfire

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These high quality bar mats are the perfect compliment to your bar, counter top or workbench. Eye-popping full colour graphics on 100% Australian-made flat felt with a heavy duty nitrile rubber backing. These mats will protect your firearms and soak up spills on your counter top or workbench. For your bar or man-cave these stunning firearm themed bar mats will give your decore a lift and provide a talking point for your shooting (and non-shooting) friends.

This type of Australian-made Bar Mat felt is unique throughout the world, as it is made up of an absorbent wafer felt, with a super smooth felt laminate surface. During the manufacturing process, we press this felt into the rubber backing with an Australian purpose-built heat press, using a massive 3200psi pressure. This bonds both materials together to make the most absorbent Bar Mat on the market.


  • Eye-popping shooting themed bar mats.
  • Perfect for bar, counter top or workbench.
  • Fully washable smooth bar mat felt.
  • Australian made 1.1mm nitrile rubber backing.
  • Fully produced in Australia.

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