Limbsaver Nitro Grind to Fit Large

Sale price$150.00


The Nitro Grind-to-fit Recoil Pad is designed with added cushion to protect your shoulder from the intense kick from safari-grade calibers. This pad is also great for shooters who are especially sensitive to felt recoil and need the added protection.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, our Speed-Mount Grind-to-fit Recoil Pad reduces up to 70% of felt recoil, making your shooting experience more comfortable and enjoyable than ever before. At 1 1/2" inches thick, our pad provides ample cushioning for your shoulder, so you can focus on your shot without worrying about the pain.

The Nitro Grind-to-Fit Recoil Pad will protect you from the fiercest, most violent rifle kickback. This top-of-the-line pad reduces up to 70% of felt recoil. With your shoulder protected, you can shoot confidently without flinching for hesitation, for a more accurate shot.

So why wait? Order your Nitro Grind-to-fit Recoil Pad today and take your shooting to the next level!

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