Maserin 975/G10V 85mm Sax Bush Craft Knife (Green Handle)

Sale price$240.00


This knife has a perfect mix of characteristics, it can be used for bushcraft, hunting and is ideal for all outdoor tasks and survival necessities. It is a lightweight and sturdy knife, and is easy to resharpen and possesses a partially serrated blade. In addition to having an excellent grip and being customizable, the handle can be disassembled, and it contains a small inner space into which small objects may be placed. The black nylon sheath is equipped with an inner sheath and a hole on the back to allow for any water that may have entered to exit the sheath.


  • Blade: 85mm Steel AISI 440C (Satin Finish)
  • Blade thickness: 3mm
  • Handle: Green G10
  • Length: 190 mm
  • Weight: 150g
  • Sheath: Nylon

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