At Mansfield Hunting & Fishing we love encouraging people in sport, to get outside and promote hunting and fishing. 

Here is a list of our current sponsored people and organisations.


I was born in Yarrawonga in 1995 and grew up on the family farm in Mulwala, NSW.

I had a pretty normal childhood as far as farm life goes but even from an early age Dad would take me chasing foxes, fishing and camping so I guess I was destined to choose a sport / hobby that involved at least one of these things, lucky for me the sport of Clay Target Shooting has the ability to take me all the way, to the Olympic Games.

I started competitive shooting at age 14 and from there I progressed up the ranks quickly, obviously with the help of mum and dad and their guidance but we were also lucky enough to have Clay Target Shooting as a school sport so, as most 14 year old boys from the country would do, I said sign me up. The love of competitive shooting took off from there.

Fast forward 8 years from then I have competed for my country numerous times in junior and open competitions and have tasted success at the highest levels and it truly is amazing to look back on the last 8 years and think wow, how have I come this far? But trust me, when I do think back, I remember all the training in the 45˚ heat or the freezing rain, all the cuts on my cheek or bruises on my shoulder from excessive training, the thousands of clay target boxes we have loaded by hand into our bunker at home, but you know what? I wouldn’t change it for the world, I love what I do and I’m so grateful I get to compete on the world stage at something I love.

Instagram: @jameswillett_official

James is a well established ISSF trap shooter and is currently ranked 6th in the world. James is also a ISSF Trap World Record Holder, World Cup Final Gold Medalist, 3 x World Cup Gold Medalist along with a Silver and Bronze Medal & Olympic Finalist.
He has been a great customer of ours and a huge advocate for the sport of shooting. We are honoured to be able to give back and help James through his sporting career and journey to Olympic gold 2020! 


Deer as a quarry and deer hunting as a recreation have a unique, timeless appeal almost amounting to a faith in their exponents. The world’s literature confirms this. Indeed the Australian Hunting Archive contains in excess of 30,000 books, journals and articles chronicling Australia’s hunting heritage.

Australian deer hunters inclined by nature to be ruggedly individualistic, eventually realised there was need for a common voice. 

The Australian Deer Association Inc. is and has been that influential voice since its formation in Melbourne on September 5 1969.

ADA has a long history of initiating deer research and related conservation activities, effective lobbying to increase hunting opportunities and active campaigning for access to public land for hunting.

Amongst politicians, public servants and the general public ADA has a reputation for effective, constructive and considered action that benefits the deer, hunting and the wider community.

ADA injects common sense and reasoned argument into all topics relating to deer management, deer hunting, land management and animal welfare. ADA takes its role as an advocate for the deer seriously and this is evident in the results it has achieved to date.

ADA members take a strong stand against cruelty and illegal hunters.

The ADA has promoted safe, responsible and ethical hunting as a cornerstone of and condition of membership for over 40 years.

Hunting and fishing are as old as mankind. With increasing urbanisation and growth of the “concrete jungle”, more and more people are returning to their roots by joining the great outdoor adventure – recreational hunting. In Australia, deer are recognised as the ultimate hunting challenge.

Are you ready to participate in the great outdoor adventure with ADA?

  • World class hunter education opportunities
  • Regular organised hunting trips
  • Leading the fight for wild deer management and public land access for hunters
  • Promoting the role of hunting and shooting in Australia’s history and culture
  • Unrivalled insurance coverage
  • Connection with the wider community

Instagram: @thedeerpeople



The under 16 football team are huge supporters of MH&F and love shopping in our store. We offer them a monthly award for best on field as well as our apparel. 


Our motto states we want to keep hunting alive, and while most hunters will understand that desire, many non-hunters might question why.

Here’s why we believe it is important to keep the tradition of hunting alive for future generations.

Humans have been hunting for food and pleasure since the dawn of time. It is only in the last fifty years that our increasingly urbanised society has viewed hunting as barbaric, inhumane or obsolete.

There are some that will try to convince you that this is a good thing – that we no longer need to hunt for our food when we can buy it from the supermarket. 

Ironically, these are the same people that protest against factory farming and mass production of food, or who push for a plant-based diet failing to recognise that just as many animals die in the mass production and transportation of crops as from meat. 

Much of the negativity towards hunting and hunters is borne out of ignorance. The more urbanised our societies have become, the more disconnected we have become from our rural communities and where our food actually comes from. Even worse, we are completely ignorant of the harsh reality of what is required for us to live our day-to-day lives. 

People in cities turn a blind eye to the necessary death that occurs every day just for them to live in their concrete jungles.

Almost every council in the world has a pest eradication program using poison and traps to kill problem animals, birds, reptiles, insects and bugs. State and federal governments cull wildlife, using poisons, trapping and shooting, to keep animal populations at levels that the nearby land can adequately sustain. Every time we clear land to grow crops, breed livestock, build homes or commercial buildings, wildlife gets displaced. Every single day, hundreds of thousands of trucks and vans transport food from our rural communities into urban areas. We build bigger highways and rail lines to make our travel time shorter. Airports employ a range of tactics, including hunting and poisons, to keep birds, bats and animals off the runways and out of the airspace – all so you can take off and land safely. 

We do not call attention to this to condemn the practices. It’s simply the price we pay for civilisation. Animals die so that we can live. 

We want to change the conversation about hunting. We believe the best way to fight the negativity and anti-hunting sentiment is to use education and advocacy to demonstrate the truth about hunting and the positive benefits it brings to all society. 

I Am Hunter wants to:

  • Demonstrate how conservation and hunting go hand-in-hand.
  • Teach people how to be ethical, safe, fair-chase hunters who respect the animals they harvest. 
  • Show that hunting is an organic, sustainable lifestyle that does the least harm.
  • Keep hunting alive and pass on the tradition of hunting to future generations.


Instagram: @huntshack


One month a year we sponsor a whole shoot at Benalla Field and game.

Centre Road, Reef Hills Park - 5 km south of Benalla, off Midland Highway