Offgrid Provisions Wattleseed + Caramel Chocolate

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Australian Acacia family, otherwise known as wattleseed.  When toasted the ground seeds resemble coffee like characteristics. Keep an eye out for the trees on your next offgrid adventure, you will need a lot to make a meal.

seventy percent cacao, plant based, Made in Australia


It all began with a hunger for adventure, to go offgrid for longer and discover the undiscovered expeditions through remote Australia eating from the land, foraging, gathering and cooking some of Australia’s best ingredients. Remote campfire dinners, some great, some not so great, all round connected to nature and the ingredients we eat, we believe that all food should connect us, it should be nutritious, sustain our adventures, be sourced responsabily with smart decisions so we can all help reshape our planet.

Be mindful of what you eat and what it ate, take less from mother nature and respect what’s left. Our food at offgrid provisions is crafted with honesty, purity and a true sense of place.

Offgrid. believes it is our responsibility to respect the plant and animal life and the land itself, to tread lightly on its surface, a world that’s good for plants and animals is also good for us.


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