Essential Armour Silicon Yeti Bottle Protector - Purple Camo - The Purple Rain

Size: A - fits 18oz bottle. 12oz kids bottle. 12oz hotshot and colster
Sale price$10.95


Give your drinkware character by adding a personalised rugged touch.

Our purple camo is a blend of black and two shades of purple that wouldn't look out of place on stage at a Prince concert. This one is fun and electric, take it to a concert.


  • BPA free food grade silicone - safe for everyone
  • Protects your favourite bottles and drinkware
  • Eliminates noise
  • Playful colours and patterns
  • Ultra-snug fit
  • Easily removed for cleaning
  • Non-slip surface
  • Designed in Australia

Care Instructions
Clean your silicone bottle protector and drinkware regularly, especially after exposure to salt water and liquids.
Gently clean silicone with a soft cloth and soapy water.
Avoid abrasive agents and cloths.
Always ensure your drinkware and silicone bottle protector are dry before use.
Avoid prolonged periods of exposure to moisture between the silicone bottle protector and drinkware. This is especially important for those salty sea dogs out there! A quick clean and rinse after being on the water is recommended

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