Response Inflatable Waist Belt

Sale price$89.99



  • Level 100 waist belt ­
  • Certified to AS4758.1 2015 ­
  • Safety whistle ­
  • 24-gram bottle ­
  • Front pocket ­
  • This jacket is only a life jacket when worn


  • All LJS inflatable jackets are self-service for recreational use, for commercial use LJS jackets must be serviced by a service agent.
  • The LJS jackets can be self-serviced by down loading the form and completing the service report. DOWNLOAD HERE
  • The LJS range of inflatables can be self-serviced every year for 5 years.
  • On the 5th year it must be serviced by a service agent. SERVICE AGENT
  • For commercial use the LJS jackets must be serviced by a service agent every 12 months.
  • Before each use check webbing, stitching, buckle, reflective tape and the whistle for any sign of damage or loss.
  • If there is any signs of damage to the jacket do not service. The jacket should be replaced or sent to a service agent.

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