SOL Fire Lite Fire Starting Kit In Dry Bag

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Set the campfire ablaze with the SOL Fire Lite Kit.

Weighing just 5 grams, this kit is compact and contains all the essentials you need to start fire in any weather conditions.

20 pieces of waterproof and windproof Tinder Quik will burn up to 3 minutes each, and will even work when wet.

The SOL Fire Lite Micro-Sparker can produce up to 5,000 sparks for long-lasting use .

Also included is 3 metres of Utility Tinder Cord, incorporating a nylon blaze orange reflective outer sheath and a waxed inner cotton cord to use as a wick.

All contents come neatly stashed in a water-proof dry bag to keep them protected from the elements.

The SOL Fire Lite Fire Starting Kit includes everything you need to make fire starting quick and easy regardless of season, weather or terrain.

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