Sport Ear M- Series Premium Electronic Muffs - Sound Activated Compression

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One of the biggest problems with traditional earmuffs is that you can't hear anything while wearing them. Even though they provide hearing protection for shooting and other loud activities, they also make it hard to hear conversations and surrounding noise. The M-Series premium earmuffs eliminate this problem by using high-quality directional microphones to pick up everything you need to hear while simultaneously providing hearing protection by blocking harmful and unwanted noise. An easy-to-adjust (even with thick gloves on) volume control wheel is on the side of both earmuffs to give the user complete volume control for each individual ear.

SportEAR's M-Series:

- Enhance up to 10x normal hearing

- Protect to 25db NRR

- Automatically block any sound over 85dB

- Sound activated compression

- Auxiliary port for phone, tablet or listening device so you can listen to music, the radio or take a phone call

- Cut outs on each muff for better cheek weld when shooting to help increase accuracy

- 220 hours of use, quick and easy to change batteries

- Lightweight, thinner design than any competitor

The M-Series includes:


Utilises 2 directional microphones to pin point sound; a great option for its price point.


Has 4 directional microphones to pin point sound, delivering the best experience.

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