UHF / Tracker Holder With A Zipper Pocket

Sale price$59.95


UHF / Tracker Holder with a pocket and zip.

Made from high quality material to last, with PVC lined pocket to reduce wear on phone, spare batteries and other accessories whist in the pocket while hunting.

50mm Orange Straps with O ring on the back to suit every body shape.

50mm Straps also spread the weight on your shoulder with customised soft webbing, after a big day in the bush you won’t even no you had your Uhf and Tracker holder on!!!!

Three adjustable clips to suit everyone on were your Uhf / Tracker Holder to sit on you chest.

Three keepers to hold excess strap from flapping or getting in your way while hunting.

The new style Uhf Tracker Holder the pockets are made on a slight angle to avoid long range antenna hitting you in the face while hunting.


Right Hand is for a right-hand shooter the Uhf Tracker Holder sits on the Left side away from your rifle as you pull to your shoulder

Left Hand is for a left-hand shooter the Uhf Tracker holder sits on the right side away from rifle as you pull up to your shoulder

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