After purchasing the Stoney Creek Armadillo 1.5 tent from the legends at MHF I was super keen to get into the hills on a backpack hunt to test it out. The following weekend myself and very good hunting mate Fatty head up high into the hills for a weekend hunt. There was meant to be some not so nice weather moving in that weekend but you have to risk it to get the biscuit so to speak.

Once we packed in to where we wanted to set up with very sore legs I might ad, we dropped the bulk of our gear and got into some glassing. After not seeing much we headed back to set up camp. After setting up camp we both had a bit of a chat about the gear we had and we were both very pleased (myself especially) since it was my tent, on how well and easy the Armadillo was to set up. Its very well thought out, fatty was very impressed with it as you can set it up in the rain and the tent won't get wet as the fly clips to the external poles first then the tent clips to the inside of the fly. But what is really good is when I backed it up I left the tent clipped to the fly so now it will pretty much just pop up once the fly is connected to the poles.

So we got a fire going grabbed a beer and a rum as we had packed in a few weeks earlier and stashed some food and beers just to make it that little more comfortable at camp. We had a feed and a yarn around the fire then of to bed. We had a terrible weather front move in that night so no much sleep was had as we were up real high with not much cover. The armadillo held up awesome. There wasn't much action for the rest of the weekend as the weather wasn't going anywhere, so we decided to pack up and head home. Was a great weekend up in the Vic high country but hopefully next time the weather's a little nicer for us.

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