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Lazy Man’s Schnitty Recipe

I’m by no means a professional chef but I do love food, particularly game meat. I like my recipes to be easy, no fuss and delicious. If this sounds like you follow along as I would like to share a simple recipe for people looking for an easy option to serve up their prized venison. I call it The Lazy Man’s Schnitty.

You’ll need:
A cup of plain flour
2-3 eggs
Lanes Q-NAMI seasoning
Decent steak sized venison (back strap preferred of course)
Beverage of your choice

Open beverage and take a sip don’t forget your Mansfield stubby holder.

Whisk the eggs

Mix flour and Q-NAMI seasoning
I don’t measure out the seasoning, I put what I think is enough in and cook a tester first. If you went a bit heavy handed add more flour, if it’s a bit light on add seasoning.

Tenderise the steaks
Don’t be shy to give them a good whack, use a rolling pin if you don’t have a tenderiser.

Dip tenderised meat into flour mix, then in eggs and then back into the flour mix. Try to coat evenly each time.

Put what you think is too much butter in a pan. Get it quite hot without burning and fry the schnitzels until golden brown.

Serve with a salad or veggies - it’s your life you choose 😆

The Lanes seasoning makes this dish quick and easy, perfect for the lazy man or lady! Enjoy!

By Chris Burns

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