Redzone 18 Spot Foam Target

Sale price$189.99


Manufactured using layered XPE self-healing foam the 18 in 1 Redzone archery target is lightweight and easy to transport, with its own easy to carry handle makes it perfect for practice almost anywhere, at the club, in the backyard, out in the field, or even a quick practice session at your hunting camp spot.

Whether your shooting field points or broadheads the 18 individual target zones make it one of the most versatile, longest lasting targets on the market.

Key Features

  • 18 sides to shoot
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Great for field points
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • For field points or broadheads
  • Perfect for practicing anywhere
  • Integrated strap carry handle included
  • Manufactured using layered XPE self-healing foam
  • Dimensions 38cm high x 38cm wide x 38cm deep. Weight 3.60kgs.
  • Suitable for bow speeds from 300-350 fps
  • Note recommended for crossbows

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