Allen Stretch Knit Gun Sock 52 Inch Green

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The Allen Company 52” Stretch Knit Gun Sock provides you with a lightweight, easy-to-use solution when storing your firearm, protecting your shotgun or rifle from dust, dings, and scratches. Material stretches to fit over your gun without adding bulk and has limited silicone treatment for additional short-term protection. Featuring a writeable ID label, add a personal touch to your firearm collection and label your gun socks by name, caliber, or customize to fit your needs. Perfect for storage in gun safes or multi-gun cabinets, easily identify which firearm you need for your next adventure.

Product Features

  • GUN SOCK: Lightweight, easy-to-use design fits rifles with scopes & shotguns up to 52-inches longhelps keep your firearm protected from the elements, dust, dings, & scratches.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE GUN SOCK: Personalize your gun sock using the writeable ID label, helping you identify your firearm when in storagegun sock measures, 52-inches long x 3.75-inches wide x 0.25-inches high.
  • STRETCHABLE & SILICONE TREATED: Stretch knit material is easy-to-use & fit over your firearm, without adding bulk while limited silicone treatment provides additional short-term protection.
  • EASY-TO-STORE & IDENTIFY: Great to store in gun safes or multi-gun cabinets, easily recognize which firearm you need for your next outing with customizable ID labeling.

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