Berkley Gulp Gel Rub On Scent

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Are you not catching many fish? Try a bit of Berkley Gulp Gel rub on scent. It is fantastic for a wide variety of fishing lures from blades to hard baits right through to metal spinners or jigs. Though, we cannot forget about the humble soft plastic. It is the soft plastic after all, which started a revolutionary change in the way we modern anglers fish today. Gulp was, and still is a global market leader in this soft bait space which is why Gulp Scent Rub on Gel is set to be a massive success story.


  • Size: 35ml
  • Fishing attractant Gel Scent
  • Suitable for use in conjunction with soft plastic baits, hardbody lures, blades, metal jigs and spinners
  • Can help you catch more fish
  • Easy application tube

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