Birchwood Casey Anglebrush Assortment - 3 Pack

Sale price$21.99


Gets Into The Tight Spots Where Fouling Builds Up

Angled shanks make these little brushes shaped like precision dental instruments to get into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies on all kinds of firearms. 3-pak includes two brushes with stainless steel wire bristles and one with less aggressive nylon strands. Long wooden handles with steel tube shanks provide comfort and plenty of backbone to handle tough scrubbing jobs. Stiff, stainless steel bristles work best for removal of fouling that other brushes won’t tackle, such as stubborn carbon and burnt-in powder deposits, even welding scale. Use only on interior surfaces or prior to polishing and refinishing as these bristles will scratch most gun steels and surface finishes. Nylon bristles work well for most general cleaning applications and with today’s new generation bore cleaners that can chemically attack brass and bronze bristles.

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