Blue Fox Vibrax Shad

Size: 1
Colour: GSD
Sale price$11.45


The Blue Fox Vibrax Shad offers an alternative to typical 'attractor' style spinners with its naturalistic theme designed to imitate real fish. Perch, Gold Shad & Brown Trout are just a few examples of what we offer in this range.

This spinner is a mid-depth product running at between 0.6 - 1.2 meters with a patented two-part mainbody that emits low-frequency vibrations, while virtually eliminating line twist thanks to Blue Fox's Anti Line-Twist design.

Each Vibrax Shad comes fitted with a rattling, free turning brass gear connected to a stainless steel shaft, attached to the fluoro bell and painted blade and finished with a sharp VMC hook.

Anti-Line Twist Design
Machined Brass Patented 2 Part Mainbody
Free Turning Brass Gear
Brass Stamped Blade Finishes
Painted or Plated Finishes
Naturalistic Finishes
Stainless Steel Shaft

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