Butchs Bore Shine 8oz

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Remove all forms of bore fouling with Butch’s Bore Shine.

Designed by well known bench rest competitor Butch Fisher, this non-abrasive chemical solvent is specifically designed to remove all forms of bore fouling including copper with an absolute minimum of effort and no damage.

It will quickly remove carbon build-up, even in difficult to clean areas like the chamber throat. It also removes lead, wax and even plastic shotgun wad build up.

A significant improvement over conventional solvents, Butch's can also control the copper fouling by pushing a few patches soaked with Butch's prior to shooting.

Butch's is safe to use on normal and stainless barrels. It is a true "All in One" Cleaner. Try it and you will never use anything else! Now available in three sizes.

IMPORTANT: When you have determined that the bore is clean and free from any fouling, run a patch saturated with Butch’s lubricating oil through the bore to keep moisture out.

Key Features

  • Superior cleaning
  • Works great on any firearm
  • Safe, effective and contains no abrasives
  • Great for removing powder, lead, copper, wax and even plastic shotgun wad build up from firearms
  • Formulated for high performance close tolerance firearms


  • Application: Swab or brush
  • Bottle size: 8oz

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