Burris Zee Rings 1inch Medium Matte

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These Weaver-style rings are solid steel, so you can rely on their accuracy.

  • Machined to exact tolerance
  • Top and bottom matched for strength and fit
  • Handles recoil of any rifle
  • Available in 1-in. and 30 mm styles
  • Some available with Quick Detach option
420031 (Quick Detach) 1 in Low Matte
420034 (Quick Detach) 1 in Medium Matte
420037 (Quick Detach) 1 in High Matte
420044 30 mm Medium Matte
420077 30 mm High Matte
420079 1 in Low Nickel
420080 1 in. Low Gloss
420081 1 in. Medium Gloss
420082 1 in. High Gloss
420083 1 in. Low Matte
420084 1 in. Medium Matte
420085 1 in. Medium Nickel
420086 1 in. High Nickel
420087 1 in. High Matte

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