Caldwell Lead Sled 3

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The new Lead Sled 3 is the next-generation of Lead Sled. Like the Plus, the 3 reduces recoil by up to 95 percent while providing some great new features.

Key improvements include a newly-designed skeletonised front rest that cradles your stock while keeping a firm purchase for accuracy. A new advanced technology shock absorbing rear pad drastically reduces felt recoil. The unique weight tray adjusts to accommodate a variety of weight types, including 25 pound barbell weights, sand or lead shot bags.

These improvements along with all the other great features are sure to continue the legacy of The Lead Sled as the world's finest recoil reducing rest.


  • Fingertip elevation adjustment
  • Advanced rear recoil shock absorbing pad cushions the firearm during use
  • New revolutionary moulded front bag provides a soft touch but firmness for increased stability
  • Versatile weight tray accepts barbell weights or lead shot bags
  • Non-marring rubber feet & rear elevation adjustment
  • Innovative, adjustable weight tray slides to accommodate bar bell weights as well as our Lead Sled Weight Bags
  • Non-marring rear cradle protects gun stocks from damage
  • Reduces recoil by up to 95 percent

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