Carnivore Collective Hunters Series Rub

Colour: Fish Rub
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Fish - Our Hunter’s Series Fish Seasoning, is a meticulously crafted blend of harmonious herbs, spices, zesty lime, with a hint of chilli. Begin by generously coating your choice of whole fish or fillets with this flavourful seasoning blend, allowing the vibrant flavours to infuse the fish.


Wild Boar - Unleash the essence of the wild with our Hunter’s Series Wild Boar Seasoning. Crafted in small batches, this blend of premium spices enhances the natural flavours of wild pig/boar, creating a symphony of savoury and aromatic notes. with ingredients like earthy beetroot, lemon myrtle & cracked mustard seeds.

Game Bird - This perfectly balanced blend of aromatic herbs, spices, and zesty lemon myrtle is a game-changer for any wild bird dish. Begin by marinating your choice of wild bird—whether pheasant, quail, or duck with a generous sprinkle of the seasoning blend, allowing the flavours to infuse and melt into the meat.

Venison- A sublime fusion of fresh, robust herbs such as rosemary, thyme, pepper and fresh ground juniper berries. Tailored specifically for venison, this well balanced seasoning blend captures the essence of the wild with its aromatic and earthy profile. Elevate your venison cooks to extraordinary levels, as each herb-infused sprinkle brings out the natural flavours of the meat.

Kangaroo- A unique blend infused with the bold flavours of fresh ground coffee beans, ancho chilis, and juniper berries. Crafted to complement the distinct taste of kangaroo meat, this seasoning is a perfect harmony of robust, smoky, and aromatic elements. Elevate your culinary creations with this expertly crafted blend, designed to enhance the natural richness of kangaroo dishes.

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