Dewey Choke Cleaning Kit

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Product Specifications

  • “Break More Clays” Choke Tube & Chamber Cleaning Tool
  • Cleans Chambers, Choke Tubes and Choke Tube Threads
  • Fixed Handle Cleaning Rod with 2 Inch Black Oxided Steel Shaft with Set Screw
  • Accepts 5/16 x 27 Male Threaded Brushes and Mops
  • Spare Set Screw & Hex Wrench
  • 12 and 20 Gauge Brass Core, “No-Harm” Bronze Bristle Brushes
  • 12 and 20 Gauge 100% Cotton Mops
  • Long Handled Bronze Cleaning Brush
  • Cotton Patches
  • RAND Bore & Bolt 4 oz.
  • Shooter’s Choice G-10CC Greese
  • Durable 10 x 4 Inch Flambeau Case

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