Eggington Professional Diamond Sharpening Steel 12" with Black Handle

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Eggington Professional Diamond Sharpening steel 12"


  • 300mm long Monocrystaline Diamonds
  • Black handle
  • Diamond shaped Stainless Steel Hanging Ring
  • Cut #9

Not only do Eggington Diamond Sharpening Steels have a surface which is embedded with Diamonds, they also feature the same solid, fully hardened, high carbon chrome vanadium blades as our conventional Steels.

This provides a super-durable sharpening surface which, unlike the hollow or soft-substrate types on the market, will not be damaged during use. Independant tests prove the Eggington Diamond Steel dramatically out performs others on the market.

This Steel is available with either a round or oval blade and in two sizes, and the blade is also chrome plated for extra surface protection.  

The Steel is fitted with a sterilisable, non-absorbent polypropylene handle with a 1.5" square guard and stainless steel diamond-shaped hanging ring. 

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