Flextone Game Caller Dying Rabbit

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Predators cannot resist investigating the natural sounds of the Flextone Dying Rabbit Call.

The flexible barrel design gives this call lots of inflection and natural pleading sound. It gives you more control of volume and tone.

Just squeeze the end closed for a quiet whine or release for louder volume.

Soft bodied call produces a more natural sound than traditional hard calls.

Flextone technology features soft tongue, hard tissue voice box and flexible neck tissues.

Squeeze the end for soft coaxing or release for loud distress bawls. Incredible durability.

It is a coaxer and long distance call all in one.

The Flextone Dying Rabbit Predator Call is the ultimate tool for coaxing that coyote into range.

Its flexible sound chamber allows you to easily control the volume and pitch of the call and produces extremely realistic distress sounds.

It just might get you those last few yards so you can close the deal on that coyote.

Full illustrated instructions and helpful hints included.

The outdoor life isn't just a hobby or a past time, it's a way of life with roots that run as deep as a mighty oak. With a history of innovation that spans more than two decades.

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