Hikmicro HE25L Habrok 25mm LRF Thermal Binoculars

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Multi-spectral image fusion thermal binoculars 

3840 x 2160 4K CMOS day camera 

NETD <35mK

256x192, 12μm

Zoom Pro 

Built in LRF 1000m 

Built in IR illuminator 400m

1200m detection range 

IP67 waterproof rated 


Enjoy breathtaking views of nature in ultra-HD 4K 

The HikMicro Habrok HE25L 4K Thermal Fusion Binoculars offer unparalleled clarity and exceptional views of nature throughout the day and night. Featuring a revolutionary 3840 x 2160 4K UHD day camera, the Habrok 4K provides crystal-clear images from daylight to twilight, ensuring the highest level of detail and color contrast with natural fidelity. With a magnification range of 5.5-22x (4x), users can zoom in on wildlife to observe finer characteristics while maintaining image quality. Additionally, the Habrok 4K can easily switch to night vision mode at the touch of a button, allowing users to observe nocturnal wildlife such as owls and possums in 4K resolution. These binoculars are ideal for birdwatching, wildlife observation, and ecology. 

Thermal imaging capabilities 

The HikMicro Habrok HE25L 4K Thermal Fusion Binoculars also include a thermal camera that enhances the chances of detecting wildlife. It features a 256x192, 12μm thermal sensor with a <35mK NETD, allowing it to pick up small heat emissions even in tough weather conditions such as heavy rain or dense fog. Thus, this IR device can be utilized by users to detect hidden wildlife behind bushes or even in complete darkness.

Award winning design  

These night optics thermal binoculars have won awards from iF and reddot for its innovative and compact design. Weighing only 795 grams, the Habrok 4K fits comfortably in the user's hands, similar to traditional binoculars. The control buttons are located at the top of the binoculars for easy access, and the interpupillary distance can be adjusted to the user's preference. Moreover, the Habrok 4K is IP67 waterproof protected and features a rugged magnesium housing for enhanced durability.


6 image modes 

Optimise use for specific tasks with White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Rainbow, 4K Optical, and Image Fusion. 

Zoom Pro 

Turn on Zoom Pro to minimise pixilation when using digital zoom.

OLED Display 

Get smoother and sharper images due to improved colour rendering and quick response.

Photo and video recorder 

Take thousands of images and videos through a click of a button and store them in the free 64 GB cloud space.

Picture-in-Picture Function 

Magnified image is displayed at the top-center of the overall display.


Combines GPS and a Digital Magnetic Compass to give precise location of targets based on the direction of the magnetic north pole and elevation of the object relative to the user.

Smart IR

850nm IR illuminator alows user to see upto 400 meters in complete darkness.

IPX67 Waterproof 

Protects against heavy rainfall, percipitation and 1 meter of submersion underwater. 

Laser rangefinder 

Detects range of object up to 1000 meters away with an accuracy of ± 1 meter

Automatic display off

Display turns off temporarily when device is moved away from eyes.


HikMicro Sight


Download Hikmicro sight to unlock the full potential of your Hikmicro device. Stream photos, videos and real-time footage on multiple screens and control the main parameters of your device. Be able to share thrilling moments of social media with a click of a button and install firmware updates with ease. 


Other Specifications 

Frame rate 50Hz
Minimum focusing distance  3m
Diopter (Range) -5 D to +3 D
Eye-Relief 15 mm
Exit Pupil 8mm
Interpupillary Adjustment Range 60 mm to 74 mm
Mounting Adapter 1/4“-20-UNC
Power supply 5V DC, 2 A
Flat Field Correction
Auto, Manual, External Correction
Hotspot Yes



About HikMicro

HikMicro are global leaders in thermal night vision R&D and manufacturing, servicing over 100 countries and regions. Constantly innovating, the company has a core list of thermal and night vision products which can be applied to outdoor, industrial and security purposes. These products range from thermal monoculars, binoculars and riflescopes, to cameras and heat and sound detection industrial tools. HikMicro aims to bring thermal products to the mass market in order to benefit the daily lives of ordinary people through thermal and night vision applications, providing thermal cores, modules and total solutions. There is no doubt that HikMicro is able to provide high quality thermal and night vision products for a variety of uses. 

Product Code: HIK-HE25L



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