Hornady Custom Grade 2 Die Set 300prc

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Precise machining allows accurate reloading by offering easier adjustments, better alignment and smooth functioning.

With one of the finest internal finishes in the industry, Hornady® Custom Grade and Match Grade Dies provide a lifetime of reloading. They’re so well crafted that they’re guaranteed never to break or wear out from normal use.

The Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension 2-Die Set is a great die set for the avid reloader.

This die set includes a Custom Grade New Dimension (CGND) Full Length Sizer Die and a CGND Seating Die.

The Full Length Sizer Die features a Zip Spindle, with a series of light threads cut on the spindle and spindle collet.

This eliminates spindle slippage, and makes tightening the spindle lock a breeze when making adjustments.

The floating bullet alignment sleeve and stem in the CGND Seating Die improve bullet seating and accuracy by pre-aligning the bullet and case before seating.

The seating die also applies a roll crimp to secure the bullet in the case. The CGND die set comes packaged in a plastic storage box, and includes two Sure-Loc rings.

  1. Features: - Die Locking Rings
  2. Specifications: - Caliber: .300 PRC -
  3. Number of Dies: 2 -
  4. Die Type: Full Length Sizer and Seater -
  5. Threads: 7/8"-14 -
  6. ShellHolder Included: No -
  7. Storage Box Included: Yes

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