Jackall Gantia 180mm

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180mm 52Grms Suspend

The Jackall Gantia has become one of the heavy hitters in the swimbait scene. Designed for larger predators and packed full of features the Gantia has become one of the go-to swimbaits for barramundi and murray cod. The combination of a slimmer profile, 4 body sections linked by heavy duty joints and large range of movement between sections allows the Gantia to move like a natural bait fish.

Straight from the packet the Gantia will snake its way just below the surface however with the ability to run a chin weight on the lure you can target fish at any depth of water maintaining its original action. This coupled with the ability to run a multitude of different hooking options to reduce snagging or fouling up can allow the angler to fish this swimbait anywhere.

This lure will also mimic the action of an injured bait fish when twitched and paused. This action coupled with the straight retrieve can trigger following fish into striking the lure.

With the input from Jackall Australia the Gantia will be coming in a wide range of exclusive colours to suit the Australian market. This will allow anglers to “match the hatch” when the fishing is tough or choose a colour that stands out when you need a reaction bite.

If you are heading to one of the big cod or barra dams these are a must have in your tackle box.

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