Jackall Swing Mikey 72mm Floating

Sale price$29.99


The new Swing Mikey 72. Alongside his bigger brother Swing Mikey 115, this lure is designed with the flat swing tail. This suppresses the rolling action of the lure which makes it feature a slightly different vibration and action than a crankbait. Along with the small joints that make a clacking sound to attract the fish.

Pin Spot Strategy – It is also effective to carefully lure the pin spot with fine trigger bite at the “baiting point” such as at the time of cover. Also, when you stop retrieving, it will surface while moving the body.

Large Front Hook – Hook setting considering not only spinning tackle but also bait tackle comfortably. It is a specification because it is a lure that often faces large fish.

Dead Sticking – with outstanding action response, it will act spontaneously just by floating it on water. It is especially effective when using shrimp or insects as the main bait, and adding a shake is also recommended.

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