Leder Tanning Kit 500ml

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Leder Leather Tanning Kit contains 500mL of tanning formula, 500mL of leather lube and a tanning knife.

• Leder Leather Utility Tanning Kit contains 500mL of tanning formula, 500mL of leather lube and a tanning knife.
• The kit will tan approximately 6 kilograms of skin into pliable leather.

• For best results, skins must be tanned within one month and should be salted immediately after skinning. Please keep in mind that tanning of valuable skins to be made into coats or rugs is best left to experienced tanners and an inexperienced tanner will not achieve the same quality and uniformity of appearance. Many people enjoy the process of tanning their own trophy skins and the Leder Tanning Kits will help you achieve this.
• Please ensure you are wearing protective clothing and accessories prior to commencing the tanning process.
• This includes gloves and goggles as the Tanning Formula may splash.
• Avoid contact with the skin.

PREPARING THE SKIN:  Start by salting the skin when fresh, and then again after 24 hours. Once you have salted the skin roll it up and store it for around 7 days.

FLESHING THE SKIN:  After you have stored the skin for 7 days as above, remove the flesh with the Tanning Knife included in the Leder Tanning Kit and then wash the skin with warm water.

TANNING THE SKIN: Mix 500mL of the Leder Tanning Formula with 35 litres of water in a suitable bucket or tub and place skin into the solution. 
Soak the skin for between 3 and 10 days, depending on the thickness of the hide. Carefully check the hide during this time to ensure there are no folds and that the hide is tanning evenly.

FINISHING WITH LEATHER LUBE:  When you are satisfied with the tanning process, wash the skin and hang it out on a line to dry.  Brush on the Leder’s Leather Lube with the Tanning Knife or a soft brush.  Generally 120mL of Leather Lube per kg is required, however for cattle hides and sheep skins with longer wool, 100mL per kg is usually sufficient.  Using less Lube than directed may result in stiff, hard leather.  Finish by trimming the tanned hide to suit.

DISPOSAL: Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local regulations.

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