Limbsaver Pad - 10800 - Airtech Ruger M77

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LimbSaver Precision-Fit Air-Tech Recoil

LimbSaver’s AirTech pads feature atmospheric chambers that produce a substantial increase in performance through uniform energy dissipation. It also incorporates anti-muzzle jump technology for faster target re-acquisition. These recoil pads enable you to shoot for longer – without discomfort and bruising – while also helping to increase accuracy of follow-up shots and provide improved control for maximum stability.

Precision-Fit Recoil Pads are made from LimbSaver’s proprietary NAVCOM technology (Noise and Vibration Control Material) which effectively absorbs a wide range of frequencies to dissipate energy and vibration. And they also feature a no-slip surface that stays in place in wet conditions.

(Note: Some model variations may require the use of an additional adapter. Please contact us if you need support.)

Options – 

Beretta All 5” stocks only (A300-690 - Field Guns) A400 Wood/Syn. LS10817
  Extrema2 with Kick Off stock -12ga - TX4 Storm Wood/Syn. LS10817
  All 5 3/8” stocks only (DT11-692 Sporting, Competition) Wood/Syn. LS10811
Browning  BLR -A-Bolt Medallion yr 93 (possible re-drill) Wood LS10816
  Citori (some models, check templates) Wood LS10800
  A-Bolt - BPS Youth & Ladies Wood LS10801
  A-Bolt New Short Mag Synthetic LS10801
  Stalker composite (most models, check templates) Synthetic LS10801
  Standard A-Bolt Synthetic LS10802
  X-Bolt and AB3 Wood/Syn. LS10814
MagPul SGA Stocks With SGA with Adapter Synthetic LS10805
Marlin Models 444, 450, 336 & 512 (most models) Wood LS10806
  Model 308MX (slight adjustment on screw holes) Wood LS10801
  Model XS7 Synthetic LS10805
Remington 700 SPS/ADL/BDL//ML, 710, 770, 7600, 1100 12/16g Synthetic LS10805
  Model 700 ADL/BDL 4 15/16” flat stock  Wood LS10807
  Model 721 most models (check templates) Wood LS10807
  Model 700 ADL/BDL 4 7/8” flat stock Wood LS10808
  Model 7 CDL(most models) and 700 CDL Large 4 7/8” Wood LS10808
  Older Titanium and some 700 LVSF (Bell & Carlson) Synthetic LS10816
  VTR Centerfire Synthetic LS10805
Ruger American, Magnum, Predator, LH ,All-Weather, Crossfire, Ranch Synthetic LS10808
  American Compact and All-Weather Compact Synthetic LS10824
  M77 Mark II Compact (most models) Laminate LS10808
  M77 (most models) Wood LS10800
  M77 Standard Stocks Synthetic LS10800
  Hawkeye 5 1/32” x 1 11/16” Synthetic LS10800
  No. 1 (some models, check templates) Wood LS10800
  Red Label yr 79/80 Wood LS10800
  K77/22 All Weather recessed stock (Skeleton) Synthetic LS10803
Sako 75 (all) + Finnlight- Model A7 - 85 Synthetic Black Synthetic LS10803
Savage Most (other match on older Savage is 10011 & 10030) Synthetic LS10807
  Most models Wood LS10816
  A17 Synthetic LS10808
Tikka T3-X   (T3-X pads will not fit T3 models) ** NEW ** Wood/Syn. LS10826
  All Tikka T3 models (excluding the Adjustable & Sporter) Wood LS10803
  All Tikka T3 Lite models  Synthetic LS10803
Weatherby Vanguard 243 & Vanguard Series II Synthetic LS10815
  Black Stock (5 1/32” x 1 11/16” only) Synthetic LS10800
  300 Win Mag (Check Templates) Synthetic LS10807
Winchester 670 (most models) Wood LS10800
  Model 70 Featherweight (most models) Wood LS10800
  Model 70 (most models) Wood LS10802
  Model 94 (most models, flat stocks only) Wood LS10802
  70 Carbine 30.06 (Most models) Wood LS10806
  Model 70 (possible re-drill on some models) Synthetic LS10807
  Model 70 Super Shadow – 4 ¾” Synthetic LS10816

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