Mustad JL73NP Jawlock 3 x Treble - 6PK

Size: 1
Sale price$14.99


Mustad TG77NPBN Treble Hook

The 3x Jawlock Triple Grip Treble features an opti-angle, chemically sharpened needle point for ultimate hook ups and connections that never let you down.

Designed with a standard shaft length and a three extra strong build, the 3x Jawlock Triple Grip Treble are the perfect tool for retrofitting lures.

The build is Nor-tempered and makes use of UltraPoint technology for 30% more strength and the specialised wide bend means that when the hook point bites in, the fish stays hooked.

• Micro Sharp Chemically Sharpened Hooks
• 30% Stronger
• Nor-Tempered
• Wide Gap
• 2X Short Shank
• 3X Strong Wire
• Unique Bend

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