Norma 7mm Saum Unprimed Brass 50 pk

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Norma Brass: The Gold Standard of Cartridge Cases

Norma brass stands as the epitome of cartridge case excellence, renowned globally for its exceptional quality. These cartridge cases play a pivotal role in upholding Norma's esteemed reputation. Crafted to exacting standards, Norma cases boast superior quality, ensuring prolonged longevity and numerous reload cycles. Precision-manufactured from top-tier raw materials with the tightest tolerances, they consistently deliver unparalleled accuracy round after round.

Key Features of Norma Brass:

  1. Annealed Case Neck: The case neck undergoes annealing, rendering it softer to prevent gas leaks and securely hold the bullet for over a decade without succumbing to aging-induced cracking.

  2. Controlled Hardness: The hardness of Norma cases varies strategically throughout. The body of the case is designed to increase in hardness to resist unnecessary stretching, minimizing the risk of cracks.

  3. Optimal Primer Pocket Firmness: Norma brass maintains a firm consistency around the primer pocket, nearly twice as hard as the neck, ensuring reliable primer seating and ignition.

Material Structure Optimization: Norma employs a meticulous processing method that breaks down large, soft grains into smaller, denser ones, enhancing overall material hardness. During annealing, this process is reversed, resulting in a decrease in hardness to maintain structural integrity.

Choose Norma Brass for unrivaled quality, longevity, and precision in every shot.

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